Foot casting


I had My feet cast yesterday following their kind invitation and now, what will be a collaboration in the purchase of your own ” Feet of Mistress Cindy Ray” It was an experience and a half and to be surrounded by all these amazing prosthetic masks they’d worked on for special effects portrayed in movies and tv over the years. It was a cool place just to hang out in let alone the true purpose of my visit. The first set being, my feet in the rest position and then this one, on my tip-toes emphasizing my high arches. ** If you are interested in purchasing a true to life silicone replica of my feet, message me here at My website for a price list and further info**

Just imagine, you could be the very proud owner of your very own “Feet of Mistress Cindy Ray” Those meaty, uniquely defined Giant yet oh so wexy soles and high arches to my long toes and nails to do with what you will 😉 What a sexy thought!
You can check out the quality of their craft @real_feet_silicone on Instagram
A BIG thank you to Francesco and Marena for your invitation and warm welcome!