mcr1ffI am Mistress Cindy Ray also known as The Foot Mistress. I am a consummate artist mastering all that come before Me and are worthy of being in My presence you will find your knees weak and the only place for you is bowing before Me in awe. Standing 5 ft 11″ in My beautiful stockinged feet I am truly an Amazon Goddess put on this planet to be worshipped, with curvaceous legs that go on forever a supple large natural DD bust line with a wicked smile and a down to earth personable yet strong and dominant character. I possess the most beautiful feet to have ever walked the earth and My beautiful size 8 feet demand your adoration.

I feel that Domination is psychological as well as physical. My methods foster self exploration, self actualization and sexual growth. I treat My slaves as a whole being, mind, body and soul and all will submit and be dominated equally. I offer a safe, private consensual service for My slaves to live out their fantasies and realize their calling in life serving Me! Femdom and BDSM is about exploration, fantasy fulfillment and the realization of the true superior sex. Women!

I am a beautiful yet strong and powerful Mistress and if you fail to satisfy Me completely or you are a disobedient slave you will suffer the pain of My high heels being mercilessly ground into you worthless body as I walk all over you and show you your true place in life beneath Me serving and obeying at My whim, you were put on this earth for one reason and that is to serve Me! I enjoy toying with slaves who doubt My power and fantasize of wrestling an Amazonian Goddess like Me but I warn you, you will receive no mercy no matter how much you beg and grovel and there will be only one out come you in pain on your back with My beautiful foot pinning your face to the floor as I laugh and humiliate you. Perhaps you would enjoy the heel of My stiletto pinning your balls to the floor as I smile down at you from above or maybe you would desire the feel of My firm hand slapping your face or spanking your behind while I tell you how bad you have been.

I enjoy all aspects of Domination and submission and enjoy exploring a slaves deepest desires but there is much you will need to learn to be worthy of serving at My feet. I am the beautiful, Dominant, Intelligent Amazon Mistress of your dreams the one you have always sought, kneel before Me and beg to serve Me..

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